NASA Tech Regains 7 Dollars For Every 1 Dollar Invested

It is judged that from every dollar that our government invests in NASA, the US economy sees seven in return. That’s a pretty good investment, and just one of the many reasons why NASA is one of the few government agencies that are already considered successful! And with so many broken government agencies, like the IRS and Public School System, why is this administration attacking NASA?  Why are they making misleading claims and creating new goals that seem completely baseless with out a moon base? Why would you ‘aim’ for an asteroid or Mars with out a real target date? To travel to an asteroid, it would take over 200 days, and be completely unstable. We need a Moon base before exploring further into space. One can’t easily drive across the country if there is not a gas station, it’s the same with space travel. On an interesting note, someone from the current administration stated they wanted to go to an asteroid to prove that we are smarter than dinosaurs:

Landing on an asteroid and giving it a well-timed nudge “would demonstrate once and for all that we’re smarter than the dinosaurs and can avoid what they didn’t,” said White House science adviser John Holdren.

Cute, I think math, or phonetically based languages, have already proved that though.

Here is a 2008 list about NASA’s consumer technology:

Health and Medicine

Robotics Offer Newfound Surgical Capabilities

In-Line Filtration Improves Hygiene and Reduces Expense

LED Device Illuminates New Path to Healing

Polymer Coats Leads on Implantable Medical Device

Lockable Knee Brace Speeds Rehabilitation

Robotic Joints Support Horses and Humans

Photorefraction Screens Millions for Vision Disorders

Periodontal Probe Improves Exams, Alleviates Pain

Magnetic Separator Enhances Treatment Possibilities


Lithium Battery Power Delivers Electric Vehicles to Market

Advanced Control System Increases Helicopter Safety

Aerodynamics Research Revolutionizes Truck Design

Engineering Models Ease and Speed Prototyping

Software Performs Complex Design Analysis

Public Safety

Space Suit Technologies Protect Deep-Sea Divers

Fiber Optic Sensing Monitors Strain and Reduces Costs

Polymer Fabric Protects Firefighters, Military, and Civilians

Advanced X-Ray Sources Ensure Safe Environments

Consumer, Home and Recreation

Wireless Fluid-Level Measurement System Equips Boat Owners

Mars Cameras Make Panoramic Photography a Snap

Experiments Advance Gardening at Home and in Space

Space Age Swimsuit Reduces Drag, Breaks Records

Immersive Photography Renders 360° Views

Historic Partnership Captures Our Imagination

Outboard Motor Maximizes Power and Dependability

Space Research Fortifies Nutrition Worldwide

Aerogels Insulate Missions and Consumer Products

Environmental and Agricultural Resources

Computer Model Locates Environmental Hazards

Battery Technology Stores Clean Energy

Robots Explore the Farthest Reaches of Earth and Space

Portable Nanomesh Creates Safer Drinking Water

Innovative Stemless Valve Eliminates Emissions

Web-Based Mapping Puts the World at Your Fingertips

Computer Technology

Program Assists Satellite Designers

Water-Based Coating Simplifies Circuit Board Manufacturing

Software Schedules Missions, Aids Project Management

Software Analyzes Complex Systems in Real Time

Wireless Sensor Network Handles Image Data

Virtual Reality System Offers a Wide Perspective

Software Simulates Sight: Flat Panel Mura Detection

Inductive System Monitors Tasks

Mars Mapping Technology Brings Main Street to Life

Intelligent Memory Module Overcomes Harsh Environments

Integrated Circuit Chip Improves Network Efficiency

Industrial Productivity

Novel Process Revolutionizes Welding Industry

Sensors Increase Productivity in Harsh Environments

Portable Device Analyzes Rocks and Minerals

NASA Design Strengthens Welds

Polyimide Boosts High-Temperature Performance

NASA Innovation Builds Better Nanotubes

I say no to this reestablishment of NASA of how we know it, and the misleading statements said by our government. The way they are wording their statements is extremely misleading from what they want to do. And do they really want to go to an asteroid with out a moon base? Really? Setting up a base on the moon is the only next logical step in the progression of space exploration, everything else is just a set up for failure. It’s simple physics really. We already have a big rock spinning around Earth, that happens to be relatively quick to travel to. Having a moon base where we could possibly harvest fuel for further space exploration that could take off directly from the moon would be more efficient and the only logical future. If this administration’s plans come to fruition, this basic logic will only become apparent to the masses after other countries make this clear for us. While I support entrepreneurship in space, derailing NASA, which has a proven success record, is absurd. NASA currently has the infrastructure, the man power, and the know how. NASA now is the strongest space agency in the world, and the moment that this potential policy comes into power NASA will fall behind other countries efforts.

And it’s false to say that Obama’s space plan is more capitalistic than NASA’s current set up, it’s still just as government funded and regulated. The only difference is is that the current infrastructure would be replaced by outsourcing our space program to everyone and anyone if the administration get’s there way. A very similar idea to outsourcing military. I just wish I knew the administration motives, as they really seem absurd to me. What we should do if we want to inspire entrepreneurship in space is to create a special grant system that is unaffiliated with NASA, and if they prove to be more successful, then implement that with NASA, but not before. To abandon a successful model for an untested one currently could not be more dangerous for America, considering it’s debt. Because if we lose that 1 to 7 dollar investment, we might never be able to get out of debt.

Back to the Moon, or back to the end of the line with NASA. You can watch the entire speech here, although I would not recommend it.

Learn More about the Constellation:

Via Gizmodo

Source NASA

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  1. Far from being an economic asset, NASA spending is probably more wasteful than productive:

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