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Vincent Laforet, perhaps best known for his photography, just released a new iOS app called Visuals, and it’s quite stunning. Laforet was the first staff photographer for the NYTimes, and has many photos worthy of a wall on a museum. Laforet has now been moving into the motion world with the advent of motion DSLRs, but his roots are still firmly planted in stills, but of course motion and stills are not mutually exclusive. While the app is free, it has ‘in app’ purchases for various photography showcases. Each showcase holds about 10 pictures, but each picture is amazing, and has it’s own video commentary from Laforet. The commentary is on both the general theme and story of the photograph, as well as more technical information regarding lens, lighting, and camera information, it’s very insightful. You can buy the entire collection at a lesser rate, which is recommended if interested. The initial download is free and includes one showcase, which is worth downloading to checkout by itself.

So all in all, this is similar to buying a DVD/Blu Ray of your favorite film just for the commentary and special features; as Visuals’ insightful commentary make this a worthy of a look, it’s the most immersive photography virtual exhibit I’ve ever seen. And you will probably learn more from this app than going to a retrospective at a well known art museum. In fact, essentially this app is a retrospective, self curated by the artist. Highly recommended.

Here is a demo of the app from the photographer himself:

And here is the original blog post from Laforet.

And I would not be surprised if he eventually sold this app model/template to other photographers, although there are not many photographers with this kind of portfolio. But Laforet believes the photography industry is changing, and that photographers will need to create a relationship with their viewers through utilizing social and new media technologies.

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